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Bright Group: Upgrade through international acquisitions

By Ma Jie (People's Daily Online)

15:30, November 29, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The most important beneficial outcome of the Bright Group’s international acquisitions is to upgrade and become an international enterprise and enhance its international reputation.

The Bright Group is a state-owned enterprise in Shanghai, and it did not really have many advantages when it was established back in 2006. In terms of scale, it was much smaller than the COFCO group. With regard to mechanisms, it was not as good as New Hope Group and other private enterprises.

Of course, that does not mean that the Bright Group could not have survived. In fact, by basing itself in Shanghai and relying on the Yangtze River Delta region, the Bright Group could also have enjoyed prosperity. However, the Bright Group people, led by Wang Zongnan, vowed to carve out a bright new world and to build a true first-class and internationally influential food group in China.

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