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Runway to test flights for jumbo

By Dong Zhen (Shanghai Daily)

14:33, November 29, 2011

One of the two runways being built at the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai will be used to conduct test flights for the C919, China's own jumbo aircraft, when it is completed in 2014, according to the local construction commission yesterday.

Shen Xiaosu, vice director of the Shanghai Urban Construction and Communications Commission, said construction of the fourth and fifth runways is proceeding on schedule. The fifth runway, located by the sea, would be used to conduct test flights for the domestically-made jumbo jet.

To date, Commercial Aircraft Corp of China, also known as Comac, has attracted orders for 195 aircraft of the 150-seat C919, the Shanghai-based plane maker said, as it seeks to challenge United States-based Boeing and Europe's Airbus.

Comac won an order last week for 30 C919 aircraft from the Bank of Communications' leasing arm, its third deal in about a month for the nation's first passenger jumbo jet.

Comac also won orders for 65 C919s from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Leasing and Sichuan Airlines last month. It has also received firm orders for 100 C919s from China's four biggest carriers - China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China and Hainan Airlines - as well as China Development Bank Leasing and GE Capital Aviation Services.

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