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China ready to act in PV cell probe

By Du Juan and Ding Qingfen (China Daily)

08:33, November 29, 2011

BEIJING - China has prepared for the worst outcome of the US investigation into the Chinese photovoltaic (PV) solar cells industry, a senior official said, indicating that the government will act accordingly if any tariffs are imposed.

China already communicated with US officials about the investigation during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in the US, Chen Deming, minister of commerce, 'there is any told China Daily after the Fifth Member Congress of the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment on Monday.

"Once there is any bad consequence from the investigation, we are ready to take measures," he said.

In October, several US solar cell companies filed a petition with the US Department of Commerce (DOC) and the International Trade Commission, alleging that Chinese companies got illegal subsidies from the government and sold solar panels below cost on the US market.

On Nov 9, the DOC held an initial hearing and then announced it was launching an investigation into the Chinese companies.

Li Junfeng, secretary-general of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, said any tariffs imposed on Chinese PV solar cell products, regardless of the amount, would inflict huge damage on the industry.

"The Chinese PV solar panel industry depends heavily on the overseas market, with more than 95 percent of its products for export to the US and European market, and this is dangerous for healthy and sustainable development," said Gao Hongling, deputy secretary-general of the China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance.

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