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About passion

By Ma Jie (People's Daily Online)

19:01, November 25, 2011

Beijing, Nov.25 (People's Daily Online) --What is passion? Specifically speaking, passion is an impulse, an aspiration and a state of mind when one is committed to fulfill his or her ideals and objectives with a high level of consciousness and adamant fighting will and perseverance. Passion is a great power to overcome difficulties, which puts every cell of your body in a state of excitement and stimulates you to fulfill your business and realize your goal.

Passion is the momentum for corporate development, and in a sense, the basic guarantee to make achievements in business. What included in the words full of firm convictions – “guaranteeing 8 percent growth, struggling for 9 percent,” “three millions,” “five breakthroughs,” which were put forward by our group, is the passion of never talking about failure, never giving up and never being satisfied with the existing achievements.

We have a profound feeling from the experience of the past five years that one can always express endless wisdom and power if one takes a passionate attitude toward work. Without passion, despair and complete helplessness will arise when meeting difficulties.

Have a look at the almighty business tycoons in the business world, and it is just the towering passion that helped them gain success. For example, Wal-Mart has ranked first on the top 500 giants several times; Microsoft, Apple, the domestic Lenovo, Haier, etc. have also made a hit with the same passion. Therefore, to achieve success of our group and the objective of “guaranteeing 8 percent growth, struggling for 9 percent” for the next three years, all cadres and workers must keep the insatiable and boundless passion.


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