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Bright Group: internationally influential

By Ma Jie (People's Daily Online)

16:55, November 25, 2011

Beijing, Nov.25 (People's Daily Online) --Abstract: Domestically, we have four objectives. First, strive for a financial aperture scale of 90 billion in FY2012; second, establish a concept of brand; third, obtain public praise from consumers and brand awareness; fourth, take social responsibilities.

Internationally, we hope that our overseas business will account for a proportion of up to 30% of our total amount of revenue in the next three to five years.

People's Daily Online: Over the past two years, Bright Group have unswervingly taken the path of overseas acquisitions, which shows that you must have mature holistic thoughts and strategic plans for the future of the Group, and are very clear bout the future direction of development. What kind of a group corporation do you want to forge Bright Group into? What is the image of Bright Group going to be at home? Where is Bright Group to be placed in the international coordinate system?

Wang Zongnan: Our overall vision is to build a domestically first-class and internationally influential food group corporation.

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