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Chinese CEO talks overseas acquisitions

By Ma Jie (People's Daily Online)

16:38, November 25, 2011

Beijing, Nov.25 (People's Daily Online) --Abstract: The Bright Group’s overseas acquisitions still mainly focus on our own core business. Acquisitions away from our core business generally will not be considered.

People's Daily Online ( First, congratulations on the successful acquisition of Australia Manassen Foods, which is the second international acquisitions Bright Group has completed outside China. What is the standard, or the starting point for the overseas acquisitions of the Bright Group?

Wang Zongnan: The overseas acquisitions of the Bright Group still mainly focus on our core business. Acquisitions away from our core business generally will not be considered. Currently, we have acquired the dairy company Synlait Milk in New Zealand and the food company Manassen Foods in Australia. Next, we will still consider taking over dairy companies, as well as wine companies. This is our focus of consideration for the next merge and acquisition.

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