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US build-up 'not a threat' to China

(China Daily)

09:16, November 24, 2011

NEW YORK / BEIJING - The United States' increasing presence in the Asia-Pacific region is not meant to threaten China, a US national security official said on Tuesday, after US President Barack Obama's nine-day trip to the region.

"With regard to China, I think the president was very clear that we do not see our engagement in the region as any way coming at the expense of China," Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for Strategic Communications, said during a video conference.

Rhodes said the stability that the US has provided in the region has contributed to China's successful and peaceful development.

Obama wrapped up a nine-day trip to the Asia-Pacific region on Nov 19, where he attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders' meetings in Hawaii, visited Australia where he announced 2,500 Marines would be stationed in the country and attended the East Asia Summit in Indonesia for the first time.

Rhodes said part of US role in the region was to ensure "maritime security".

"We have a long-standing commitment to the region and a long-standing relationship to its allies and partners that we feel we need to deepen, so they are on a stronger footing for the 21st century," said Rhodes.

As it is withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, the US wants to enhance its ties with its Asian allies, said Rhodes.

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Nic at 2011-11-30175.141.35.*
May be Arab Spring and the European defence shield were not intended to hurt the Arabs and Russia but there are proves that they were hatched more than 10 years ago. No Rssians and Arabs will buy that.Wise up China! Obama has been known to lie mny times. Do not fall into his trap.
Richard at 2011-11-2460.53.55.*
> both sides lack an understanding of each other"s strategic intentions, according to Niu.]The most stupid comment to come out from China for quite some time. The US clearly understands China"s capitulationist positions, and China clearly does not understand the US game plan which follows almost exactly what had already been writen in the neo-con"s Project for a New American Century.

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