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More foreign grads get to China to boost future career

By Han Shasha, Anastasia N (People's Daily Online)

13:08, November 21, 2011

Beijing, Nov.21 (People's Daily Online) -- In sharp contrast to the economic recession and massive lay-offs in Europe and the United States, China's fast-paced development has created a favorable job market. And it has been an attractive place for foreigners during the global economic crisis.

To be employed in a company operating in China is the greatest opportunity to learn first-hand how business is done in this country. Nevertheless, China's unique and specific culture and mentality are usually significant obstacles on the way to success.

One can read a lot of academic books and treatises on how to handle business with the Chinese people, but concepts will remain mere words unless a person puts them into practice. Furthermore, for those who are mostly recent graduates or university students, it is more difficult to adapt to the work environment in China.

Many foreign students graduate with degrees in fields such as economics, business administration and information technology. They have good work histories and extensive academic knowledge. And they are more eager to work and learn more to perfect their CVs as well as get familiar with the country's local markets.

As companies go global, so do many young graduates. Globalization and the rise of new economies push companies to expand their businesses. However, approaching new markets is not an easy thing when those markets are absolutely new and have not been fully researched. For that occasion, many companies in China have found a valuable source: foreign interns.

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DK Gurulu at 2011-11-21137.132.3.*
Very interesting indeed. I have heard many similar stories. Even on a higher and more senior level it can be very useful to be conversational in Chinese. I know an investment banker at BoA who speaks Chinese and that is how he got the IB job in China. So start learning Chinese ;-)Dan Kowalsky
wyx at 2011-11-21115.152.209.*
I hope that there"ll be more foreigners going to learn our Chinese.

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