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US solar cell spotlight on ministry

By Du Juan and Ding Qingfen  (China Daily)

08:50, November 21, 2011

SHENZHEN - The Ministry of Commerce will be asked, by domestic manufacturers, to launch a dumping and subsidy investigation into sales of US solar cells in China.

Gao Hongling, deputy secretary-general of the China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance, told China Daily on Sunday that the alliance is finalizing a complaint alleging that US manufacturers are selling their products at prices below cost in China.

"The report will be sent to the Ministry of Commerce soon," she said.

Gao added that the alliance is also preparing another petition for the ministry regarding an investigation into subsidies allegedly received by US manufacturers.

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PD User at 2011-11-2324.39.94.*
There was nothing disturbing about President Obama"s comments. And what he says, has nothing to do with getting re-elected.
PD User at 2011-11-2299.33.23.*
I want to apoligize to President Hu and the Chinese people for Obama"s comment"s about China. His comment"s deeply disturb me along with many of the American people. He is only trying to look good so he can get re-elected.I have been coming to China since 2006 and just returned to the USA with my Chinese wife. If he is re-elected my wife and I will move back to China.
wende at 2011-11-2171.255.93.*
There are a lot of tax breaks and subsidies in the US. China needs only to look. A thief will always call another person a thief to divert attention from himself.

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