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China says US hurts self with export controls

(People's Daily Online)

13:31, November 16, 2011

Liu Weimin, Foreign Ministry spokesman at a daily briefing in Beijing on Monday.

Beijing, Nov.16 (People's Daily Online) -- The United States will lose nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars due to its restrictions on exports to China, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin at a daily briefing in Beijing on Monday.

Liu said that China is willing to expand imports from the United States and promote a bilateral trade balance, yet the latter continues to limit the export of many products to China.

"The investment of Chinese companies in the United States has brought many job opportunities to the American people," said Liu. "Moreover, politicizing issues of investment and trade does not help the United States to attract investment and create jobs."

He said the United States should loosen its limitations on high-tech exports to China as soon as possible and facilitate investment by Chinese enterprises in the United States. (Li Zhenyu)

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PD User at 2011-11-2860.54.90.*
In early days of Chinese Communism, US even did not want to sell tyre to China. Today China makes millions of them for export. Do not under-estimate China! Remember Mao"s story of "stupid" grandpa trying to move the mountain? Chinese"s determination and "stupidity" will bring them to where they want to go. Just watch!
Concerned UK at 2011-11-18149.254.182.*
China"s strategy of attempting to engage with the US and increase bilateral trade will not succeed. US militarism is the symptom of US realisation that it is fundamentally incapable of trading on equal terms with an economically rising China.The US is instead attempting to retain its global hegemony by intimidation and threat. The US as a bankrupt bully is a frightening prospect. It has very little to lose and like a spoiled child, if it can"t retain dominance then the US will do anything to prevent other nations from achieving it. China really should be projecting its military out into the world to counter the disease of US warmongering.

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