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China's domestic goods must safeguard rights

(People's Daily)

17:05, November 15, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.15 (People's Daily Online) --Recently, a court ruled that Toshiba's China branch infringed on patents owned by the Chinese company Aigo for the USB PLUS connector series. The Xi'an Municipal Intermediate Court of Shaanxi Province pronounced that the Toshiba should stop selling its laptop products with Aigo's technology and compensate the company for an economic loss of 200,000 yuan.

Court decision helps Aigo to promote patents

As a member of the China Electronics Standardization Association, the Aigo always actively promotes the establishment and implementation of Chinese Industrial Standards. The USB PLUS connector involved in this case is a world-leading technology and covers eight patents.

It is an intellectual property right standard independently developed by Aigo. Aigo applied for the relevant patents in the State Intellectual Property Office of China in April of 2006 and obtained the patent grants in the beginning of 2010.

This time, Toshiba had about 10 million computers that infringed upon the patents, but the settlement award was only 200,000 yuan. Aigo said that the settlement was too small, and it will lodge an appeal.

Despite the small penalty, it still served as a warning to other enterprises to a certain extent. Currently, Aigo is negotiating with some international enterprises on the issue of the USB PLUS patent grant. Some experts said that winning the lawsuit is helpful for Aigo to promote its patents worldwide.

From responding passively to safeguarding rights actively

China needs to implement the "patent counter encircling" strategy for changing "products made in China" into "products created in China." Experts said the Aigo has taken the lead in regarding the intellectual property strategy as an enterprise's core development strategy, and it will not only play an effective role in protecting its independent innovation, but also set an example for Chinese enterprises, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, by "speaking on the top of a peak for the first time."

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