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Made-in-China solar products benefit US consumers, say analysts

By Allen Wan, Stephanie Wong and Zhang Shidong  (China Daily)

14:47, November 15, 2011

WASHINGTON / NEW YORK - China has driven down the price of alternative energy products in the US market, which has benefited consumers, said US business executives and analysts.

China and the United States are currently engaged in a dispute over a US investigation based on claims by a group of US solar panel manufacturers, including Germany-based SolarWorld AG.

The group has accused Chinese rivals of dumping solar panels on the US market.

China's Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday that China is strongly dissatisfied with the investigation, which not only hurts bilateral cooperation in the renewable energy industry, but also damages US interests.

Theodore Roosevelt IV, board chair of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, said that increased competition from China has resulted in a price drop for many alternative energy products, including solar panels and wind turbines, which actually "has benefited American consumers".

According to the US Solar Energy Industries Association, the cost of solar electricity in the US has dropped by 30 percent since last year. The US also saw net exports of $2 billion in solar products last year, including more than $200 million to China, trade data show.

China has been playing an important role in tackling climate change, but "in a way many of the people in this country (the US) don't fully understand", Roosevelt said.

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