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Hong Kong shares close 1.94 pct higher


09:13, November 15, 2011

HONG KONG, Nov. 14 (Xinhua) -- Hong Kong stocks rose 371.01 points or 1.94 percent to close at 19,508.18 points on Monday, tracking gains in regional markets.

The benchmark Hang Seng Index traded between 19,640.68 and 19,496.16. Turnover totaled 54.20 billion HK dollars (about 6.97 billion U.S. dollars).

The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index rose 286.83 points, or 2.75 percent, to close at 10,716.90.

All of the four sub-indices went up, with the Properties sub-index gained most, rising 2.65 percent, followed by the Finance, growing 2.03 percent, the Commerce & Industry at 1.90 percent, the Utilities at 0.39 percent.

Market heavyweight HSBC rose 2.26 percent to 63.25 HK dollars. China Mobile ended up 1.06 percent to 76.55 HK dollars.

The Chinese mainland lenders ended higher. ICBC added 0.41 percent to close at 4.86 HK dollars. CCB moved up 1.1 percent to 5.53 HK dollars. Bank of Communications rose 1.42 percent to 5.73 HK dollars. Bank of China grew 2.22 percent to 2.76 HK dollars.

Mainland developers finished up. China Resources Land rose 4.07 percent to 11.76 HK dollars, while China Overseas leapt 6.17 percent to 14.12 HK dollars.

Insurer Ping An moved up 4.93 percent to 62.80 HK dollars and China Life increased 5.4 percent to 22.45 HK dollars.

Hong Kong's major property shares also gain grounds. Cheung Kong moved up 2.46 percent to 93.85 HK dollars. Sun Hung Kai grew 1.19 percent to 102 HK dollars. Henderson Land finished up 3.21 percent at 41.85 HK dollars.

As for oil shares, offshore oil producer CNOOC rose 2.34 percent to 15.76 HK dollars. Sinopec gained 1.57 percent to 8.4 HK dollars. PetroChina ended up 1.92 percent at 10.62 HK dollars. (1 U.S. dollar = 7.779 HK dollars)

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