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Has power shifted eastward?

(People's Daily Online)

08:14, November 14, 2011

Beijing, Nov.14 (People's Daily Online) -- The website of the U.K. Guardian newspaper published an Op-Ed article on Nov. 6 saying that the G20 summit proved that power has shifted from the West to China.

The article begins by saying: "The global economy has three main pillars: the United States, the European Union and China."

"Financial meltdown in the West and east Asia's rapid growth have altered globalization's terms of trade, leading to a shift in the balance of power as fundamental as that of a century ago."

The article says that China now has a seat at the top table as they did at the G20 in Cannes last week.

The article explains that the focus of events was the unfolding crisis in the eurozone, yet the fallout from Europe will be beneficial to an extent, since it will encourage China to rely more heavily on domestic demand as a source of growth, eventually leading to a rebalancing of the global economy in the long run. (Li Zhenyu)

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PD User at 2011-11-15114.160.71.*
The future redefined has arrived. Seize the moment to do it right for all on earth.Since the beginning of time, humans that can shaped the world, had no direction. Capitalism, industrialisation and globalisation ended at nowhere.The shift is just a symptom. At the core is the beginning of an era where humans, each and everyone, can now control his/her destiny. States, vassals and individuals that had used to manipulate the rest has to come to the ground and realigned with the rest for the common good. Welcome to the truly new human age of peace, stability and sustainable earth. Those, only for themselves, will be vanishing.
Sam Teng at 2011-11-14175.136.54.*
Most Asian countries have been depending on developed countries of the West and US both economically and militarily. Current shift in economic achievements globally has shown many Asian countries are doing better that the West and US. Now is the time for Asian countries to stand on their own feet and gain respect from other nations. Being independent of other countries will also do away the many strings attached by the more powerful countries. Now is the time for Asian countries to restore some pride, be able to speak without fear, be able to be counted as partners and most importantly, to do away of being a puppet and being twisted around. Asian countries should promote peace and prosperity among of the region by cooperation and mutual trust. That way, we hope to see a more respectable and proud region of Asia without the interference and influence of western and US powers which had caused more destruction and hardships to many innocent citizens of Asian countries.

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