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US launches dumping probe into China solar panel

By Chen lidan (People's Daily Online)

10:37, November 10, 2011

Beijing, Nov.10 (People's Daily Online) –The U.S. Commerce Department announced on Wednesday that it will investigate whether Chinese companies sells solar panels in the United States at unfair discounts and subsidies.

This is the United States' first anti-dumping and subsidy investigation targeting Chinese renewable energy goods.

The U.S. International Trade Commission plans to offer a preliminary opinion by Dec. 5 on whether the Chinese makers are injuring the U.S. solar industry, and then the Commerce Department will make decisions on duties in January and March next year.

Some Chinese solar panel makers reportedly have hired lawyers in the United States to deal with the possible lawsuits in the future.

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DrObserver at 2011-11-11111.240.61.*
Unfortunately, the US has the same attitude as an animal that is used to being dominant in an area: fairness or logic is irrelevant. When it is the US interest, they come begging; if not, then they threaten or try to intimidate. Sooner or later, the US/West will have to accept a lesser role. In the meantime, China will do well to continue the quiet process of "selling China", and leave the histrionics to others.
ASEAN at 2011-11-10220.255.2.*
USA is a sour grapes, period.
wende at 2011-11-1071.251.41.*
when US can"t sell, it"s China"s fault. China should probe subsidies in the US and hit back.

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