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Child clothing factories struggle

(Global Times)

09:29, November 08, 2011

Employees work at one of the child clothing factories in Zhili, Zhejiang Province. Photo: Li Mao/GT

With his 20 staff working on sewing machines around the clock, Dong Shenghua, a child clothing factory owner in the town of Zhili, located in Zhejiang Province, is still worried about his business.

Dong's factory is nestled close to many other garment factories on Fumin Road, one of the busiest areas in Zhili, where around 600 home factory owners from neighboring Anhui Province took to the street a week ago to protest against increased taxes. They threw stones, destroyed street lights and overturned cars, according to, a government-run news portal.

The riot began when a small business owner from Anhui Province was charged a business tax that had doubled this year from 300 yuan ($47) per worker annually to 600 yuan. The case infuriated many other migrant business owners who have had to pay for the same increase.

"If the riot continues, I am afraid that my factory will go bankrupt," Dong complained. "Business is terrible this year. I have not yet made any profit."

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