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China masters core third-generation nuclear tech

(Guangming Daily)

16:13, November 02, 2011

Edited and Translated by Zhao Guobing, People's Daily Online

Beijing, Nov.2 (People's Daily Online) --Recently, Zhejiang Sanmen Nuclear Power Station received its first main coolant pipelines used on its Unit 1 reactor. Made by Bohai Shipyard Group Co., LTD, which was affiliated to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), these parts had the meaning of landmark.

The third generation nuclear power has the most advanced passive pressurized water reactor technology with the highest safety performance. As a key device of the reactor, the main coolant pipeline is also called the "aorta."

Made of forged stainless steel, this coolant pipeline is one meter in diameter. Without any experience home and abroad, Chinese scientists made it all by themselves. Since the beginning of 2005, it took them six years to overcome all kinds of technical problems until they finally made it out a 1-to-1 large caliber test specimen, which past the quality reviews this May.

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Nic at 2011-11-03175.141.35.*
I think China has better capbilities than that described in this article.Quite a few years back, I was talking to an American Professor who had visited China and he told us the size of the pipe was taller than him and his up-stretched hand. He stood over 6 ft tall. He said that Chinese researchers made the pipe and then then calibrated it in FEM model. Only after exhaustive testing did they use the program for the other pipes' verification and monitoring.Has China been humble when reporting this one-meter diameter pipe construction?BTW, all fishes love warm water and the warm discharge could help their growth. But, I do not know if they are contaiminated in the process.
See at 2011-11-0260.50.12.*
China, dont boast about your third generation nuclear tech even japan and US are more advance still they have problems

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