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China welcomes WTO panel ruling on EU's anti-dumping measures


14:25, October 30, 2011

BEIJING, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- China on Saturday welcomed a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel ruling that rejected anti-dumping measures imposed by the European Union (EU) on leather shoes imported from China.

Shen Danyang, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), said China urged the EU to respect the WTO panel's recommendations and remove as soon as possible the discriminatory measures and legislation inconsistent with the WTO rules.

"China looks forward to the EU treating Chinese exporting companies fairly and maintaining a normal Sino-EU trade relationship," he said.

The MOC spokesman's remarks came one day after a WTO panel largely backed China in a complaint about EU import tariffs on Chinese footwear.

In the ruling, the WTO panel told the EU to bring its method on calculating anti-dumping duties into conformity with WTO rules and said the EU anti-dumping moves had violated WTO law.

The WTO panel said the EU falsely applied WTO clauses concerning anti-dumping during its investigation of imported footwear from China and acted against WTO rules on transparency.

From 1995 to 2005, the EU controversially imposed a 10-year quota restriction on footwear imports from China and began implementing anti-dumping measures against footwear imports from China for two years from October 2006.

After the anti-dumping measures expired in October 2008, the EU started a review of the policies and extended such measures for another 15-month term beginning on December 22, 2009, despite China's objections.

China referred the dispute to the WTO on February 4 last year. Upon receiving China's complaint, the WTO established a team on May 18 last year to investigate the case.


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miketheman at 2011-10-3181.206.61.*
China must not depend nor accept the legitimacy of the WTO, because this organisation is headed and dominated by westerners!China/ the Chinese must NOT lend money to the Europeans, this are the same europeans who occupy Libya at the cost of China's investments in Lybya!China/the Chinese must NOT lend money to the europeans because we Chinese know the Europeans since the Qing dynasty: westerners are thiefs and will never pay back the money!China must NOT lend europe money, because did euroep lend money to Asia during the Asian finacial crisis? NO they did not! Did the IMF (also dominated by westerners) lend money to Asian countries? NO they did not!!!China must certainly NOT lend money to europe because the average income in Greece is 28.434,00 USdollar per capita and the poorest European country Romania income per capita is 11.826,00 USdollar and the richest european country (germany) income is 37.935,00 USdollars per capita.You know how mach the income per capita of China is: 8.394,00 USdollars! Let the rich european coountries Germany, netherlands, sweden and denmark lend money to their european brothers!China must NOT lend europe money, because it is NOT china who created the debtcrisis but it were the Europeans themselves, let them solve their self created problems NOT China!The West would NEVER help China if it were China in a finacial crisis, you can count on that!

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