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Bill Gates open doors to help China

By Shan Juan (China Daily)

09:05, October 27, 2011

BEIJING - China's Ministry of Science and Technology signed a memorandum of understanding with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to invest together in research and development of new products and technologies to help with global health and agriculture.

Under the $300 million project, for every dollar the foundation gives to support selected China-grown products and technologies that can help advance health and agriculture, particularly in the developing world, the ministry will offer $2 as grant money.

Human and animal vaccines, diagnostics for tuberculosis and other diseases, hardier varieties of rice and other crops, and more productive livestock are among the innovations likely to be considered first.

"Innovation to advance human welfare is a goal that China shares with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and together we can do more to improve agriculture and health in some of the poorest nations worldwide," said Vice-Minister Zhang Laiwu at the signing ceremony in Seattle, the United States.

According to Zhang, this was the first time the ministry has formed a partnership in such fields with a foreign non-governmental organization.

Bill Gates, co-chair of the foundation named after him and his wife, said: "this partnership demonstrates the critical role that rapidly growing countries like China can play in driving innovation to reduce hunger and poverty.

"China's support to bring its power and capacity to bear on global health and agriculture research and production comes at a critical time in our world economic situation," Gates said.

Globally, many industrial countries have cut back on investment into research and development against the backdrop of a global recession but China has, instead, kept increasing its financial support for innovation in recent years, said Ray Yip, who heads the China efforts for the foundation.

Currently, China supports other developing countries like African countries mainly with cash, and cost-efficient technology and products would be added in the future, he added.

Liu Chang, a 29-year-old researcher at the medical school of the Tianjin-based Nankai University, said he was happy with the collaboration, which would bring new momentum and ideas to China's R&D and innovation.

He is researching how to make a virus that could kill HIV and the idea helped him land a $100,000 research grant last May in the fourth round of the Grand Challenges Explorations, a program by the foundation to promote innovation in global health.

"That was a huge surprise for me, as in China it's hard for a young researcher like me to get a research grant of this sum from the government," he told China Daily.

"I hope the partnership would bring positive changes to that and give more opportunities to us young researchers," he said.


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PD User at 2011-10-28123.126.50.*
it's real a good new to that real poor
McCarthy at 2011-10-27206.125.75.*
Bill Gates is one of the most vicious Capitalists on the planet. His anti working class policies and actions have cost millions of jobs in the United States. His foundation is a front for his otherwise vicious attacks on the working class. I am sure there is something in it for his own profiteering or else he would not be doing this.
elee at 2011-10-27183.39.47.*
Really good to see that good money is put to really good uses by the Chinese Ministry with good and realistic American folks! These original "gates, buffet, presley, reeves, francis, ...." Americans have always made America proud but its politicians that sound and spell quite differently are just wanting to hurt America by ways of war efforts away from home and hurling good solid cashes of USD BILLIONS into corrupt regimes which they created. Look, now the US Fed is said to investigate USD Billions siphoned and or lost in just one Iraq. How many such 'iraq's fiascos' were and are there? No wonder ordinary Americans are so broke, humiliated and thrown out of homes on own ground! Good on you and very best wishes to Bill, Melinda, Warren and similar others for your efforts in re-making America a rationally peaceful and proud nation to live with a 'regrown' China out of the woods!

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