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Moment Systems secures $20m financing by KPCB

(People's Daily Online)

11:17, October 24, 2011

Although the global capital market has been churned by frequent volatility, Moment Systmes, Chinese largest third-party digital marketing measurement company has just finished Series B financing US$20 million, which is led by global top venture capital Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), alongside China Broadband Capital (CBC), Redpoint Ventures and WPP Digital.

Zhou Wei, partner of KPCB, takes a seat in the board. It is another milestone in capital operation since Moment Systems secured the first round venture investment in 2010.

“Moment Systems as the pioneer and leader actively promotes the establishment of industry standards through providing massive data collection and processing and unique technology, which make Moment Systems unlimited growth potential and competitive advantage. The investment continues KPCB’s strategy of investing the most valuable and potential leader in fast-growing markets and sectors.” said Zhou Wei, partner of KPCB China, “We believe that Moment Systems should be poised to become a pace-setter and leader.”

KPCB as the world's largest venture fund is well known as "VC fostering industry leader" due to success of investments in Google, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba in the past years. It is Moment Systems unique technologies and far-ahead market share that make KPCB offer an olive branch. What the Moment Systems have done with strong data processing capabilities impress the investors and industrial peers alike.

Tian Suning, CBC chairman, said that “CBC persists in looking for the best investment opportunities with keyword of ‘cloud computing’. It is pivotal time to invigorate cloud computing research including innovations in a wide variety of IT applications”. In his view, mass data processing and application of cloud computing is one of the most important driving factors. “Moment Systems specialization in collection and connection digital advertising data in the cutting-edge cloud computing platform will come to a great change in new media industry.” Tian said.

“As a third-party data technology role, one of our main goals is to explore new tools and solutions to make market bigger and more blooming. Media investments are facing many unknown changes and risks. How to enhance ROI in the fast-moving and more complex environment using scientific, reliable and efficient technologies? That is exactly why we’re valued.” said Zhu Wei, CEO of Moment Systems.

Moment Systems founded in 2006 is the first company in China’s mainland specializing in measurement and optimization of digital advertising through reach/frequency, iGRP(internet gross rating points) and demographies of target consumers with core concept of ROI. Moment Systems mainly serve international leading brands. Including P&G, Microsoft, KFC, L’Oreal, Volkswagen, IBM and 4A-class agencies are using Moment Systems solutions to optimize their online investment.


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