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Setting high standards at the Standard

(China Daily)

09:20, October 20, 2011

BEIJING - Judging from appearances, Katherine Tsang is not the typical boss of an international bank that can measure its history back more than 150 years.

Her obvious feminine tastes and her delicate face, resembling that of famous Chinese actress Zhou Xun, a winner of the best actress award at the 15th Paris Film Festival, belie the need for an acute eye for the bottom line essential in the rough-and-tumble world of investment.

She arrives dressed immaculately in a neat white suit, with a heart-shaped brooch on her left collar featuring a circle of pink tiny artificial roses surrounding the word "love". An ornate ring adorns her index finger with another silver and gold one on her ring finger.

Tsang, 54, is the younger sister of Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang. She has worked for Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) since 1992 and was appointed as its chief executive officer in China in March 2005.

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