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Number of expatriates on the increase

(China Daily)

10:16, October 17, 2011

Europeans attending job interviews at a recent overseas talent fair in Beijing. China's rising economic development provides better career opportunities for both Chinese and overseas people. But, along with the increasing number of overseas staff at Chinese companies, demand for managers who are familiar with the social cultures of their foreign colleagues and competent at communicating with them is also rising. Mai Tian / For China Daily

BEIJING - To hear him on the telephone, you would think Johan Bjorksten was Chinese born and bred. But it's that name. It gives away his Swedish roots.

Bjorksten is not just fluent in Putonghua, he knows many Chinese idioms and old sayings. Having lived and worked in the country for 25 years and run his own business for the past 17, he has inevitably picked up a nickname. It's "Dalong" and means "big dragon" - a reference to the year in which he was born, 1964.

An increasing number of foreigners are being attracted by China's prosperous economy and have come to work in the country. Figures released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security showed that 231,700 foreigners were employed in China at the end of 2010, compared with 223,000 in 2009.

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