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Breaking up is not so very hard to do... if done online

(China Daily)

10:11, October 17, 2011

Will the number of break-up agent websites surpass that of match-making ones on the Internet in the near future? The number of them has increased lately. In China, a break-up agent charges as much as 10,000 yuan ($1,563) for one client. Xu Jun / For China Daily

SHANGHAI - Shaoxing resident Tu Weiming's job as a visual merchandiser with Adidas, which involves arranging the clothes in the most eye-catching and profit-making way, leaves him plenty of time for a more interesting sideline.

The 25-year-old specializes in acting as a "break-up" agent. In other words, he is paid by one half of a couple to tell the other that the relationship is over.

Tu launched his business in November last year after watching the Korean film Sad Movie, in which the hero plays the same role.

"As a visual merchandiser I have plenty of spare time because I do not have to stay at the office all the time. It is good that I can find something interesting to do instead of idling away my spare time," said Tu.

He started by posting an advertisement on, the most popular local forum in Shaoxing, just for fun.

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