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China eyes high-quality, balanced economic growth


10:40, September 29, 2011

BEIJING, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government will focus on improving the quality, coordination and overall competitiveness of its economic growth, and will continue to make price control a priority in its macro economic planning, said Vice Premier Li Keqiang here on Wednesday.

Li made the remarks when he conferred with the leaders of statistics departments from 28 countries and international organizations who gathered here for an international forum.

Citing current unstable and uncertain factors haunting the world economy, Li said various countries have different views on future economic growth and, therefore, they may take quite different measures to counter such economic uncertainties.

"Under these circumstances, strengthening the monitoring of statistics and providing correct, complete and timely information could offer a scientific basis for decision-making," Li said.

It would also help world economies to forge common understanding and coordinate policies in a bid to promote the stable recovery of the world economy, he added.

The Chinese government will step up its efforts for economic restructuring in an aim to improve the quality, coordination and competitiveness of its economy, Li said.

"China will contribute to the world by running its own affairs well," he said.

The international forum, held in Beijing from Tuesday to Thursday, focuses on problems and challenges in monitoring national development. Participants had in-depth discussions on how to better apply statistics to monitoring a country's economic growth, social development and structural changes.


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