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China revises up 2010 GDP expansion

(Shanghai Daily)

09:11, September 08, 2011

Shanghai--China revised upwards its 2010 economic growth to 10.4 percent from a previous 10.3 percent because the manufacturing and services industries posted a quicker pace of development, the National Bureau of Statistics said yesterday.

The gross domestic product in the world's second-largest economy expanded to 40.1 trillion yuan (US$ 6.3 trillion) last year, a rise of 322 billion yuan from its previous calculation.

Manufacturing surged 12.4 percent annually, from an earlier 12.2 percent, to 18.8 trillion yuan to post an increase of 110 billion yuan from the previous figure.

Services recorded 9.6 percent rise in output year on year, 0.1 percentage point stronger than before, to 17.3 trillion yuan, or 208 billion yuan more than the earlier data.

The agricultural sector grew 4.3 percent to 4.05 trillion yuan, up 3.7 billion yuan.

After the revision, manufacturing took up 46.8 percent in China's economic output, services 43.1 percent and agriculture 10.1 percent.


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