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China to appeal WTO rare earths ruling

(Shanghai Daily)

08:28, August 25, 2011

China will appeal a WTO ruling against its policy on exports of raw materials, a verdict that could potentially force the country to relax its control on rare earths, the Ministry of Commerce said yesterday.

A World Trade Organization panel in July ruled that China broke trade rules by limiting exports on several industrial raw materials, including bauxite and coke, with duties and quotas.

Ministry spokesman Shen Danyang yesterday said China will appeal, as he reiterated the nation's practices and policies don't violate WTO rules. China has said the policies will protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

The WTO ruling is seen a victory for trade partners such as the United States and the European Union, which said China's export restrictions on raw materials are giving an unfair edge to domestic manufacturers.

The ruling could also prompt the US and the EU to lodge more complains to the WTO about China's export policy on rare earths, a group of valuable elements vital in the production of hybrid cars, wind turbines and missiles.

China, which supplies more than 90 percent of the world's rare earths, controls output and exports of the minerals, a move that forced manufacturers in the US and Japan to seek supplies elsewhere. China has maintained its 2011 export quota for rare earths at last year's level.

China's dominant position in rare earths is partially due to Western countries shutting their own mines amid strict environmental standards and high costs, the Shanghai Metals Market said in a report yesterday. Some companies in the West have unveiled plans to restart their rare earths projects after prices surged, a move that may end China's dominance of rare earths supply within two years, the SMM said.


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SteveLaudig at 2011-08-26168.105.255.*
The WTO should be slowly dismembered as it is becoming a suicide pact. There is no duty for one nation to open its treasures to other nations.
wende at 2011-08-2571.255.89.*
China has 30% of the mineral but accounts for 90% of the export volume. This is not proportional. Other countries want China to deplete their precious metal and also protect themselves from pollution. China should even lower the quota to extract and export. Maintaining at the same level as last year is already a big mistake.
elee at 2011-08-25183.39.47.*
Ignore all those crying babies of the USA and EU while they can pursue their own mines and mines of all NATO friendly nations, including Canada, India and Australia. Why should their environments be more important that China? These EU and USA have been embargoing China in my trades and materials too for decades; what have those biased WTO rulers said? Piss them oiff!

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