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China's external trade promotes job market


13:22, August 24, 2011

This morning, the development of China's external trade and the 110th China Import and Export Fair were introduced in the news conference held by State Council Information Office. Jiang Yaoping, the vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce, said that during the past 30 years, China's exports accounted for 20 percent of the increasing economy. More than 80 million people were directly provided a job by external trade and 60 percent of them came from the countryside.

According to Jiang, after the Reform and Opening, China's external trade attained significant progress gradually and played an important role in China's opening to the outside world as well as the development of the economy and society mainly in these aspects:

First, it facilitated the growth of the economy. During these 30 years, China's exports accounted for 20 percent on average of the growth of the economy and had been one of the three main driving forces behind the expanding economy. In 2010, the tax revenue produced by export-oriented economy accounted for one-third of the total in China.

Second, it expanded the job market. The external trade directly provided jobs for more than 80 million people, and 60 percent of them came from the countryside.

Third, it facilitated the upgrading of industries. Catching the crucial opportunity of the successful migration of international industries, China developed the processing trade and imported advanced technology, equipment and rare resources to adjust industries, improve technology, increase production efficiency and relieve the limitation of resources.

Fourth, it promoted the innovation of the system and the mechanism. While developing the external trade, China persisted in promoting reform, development and innovation by opening itself to the world outside. Especially after China joined in WTO, the improvement of the Chinese economy system, which made it closer to the international standard, facilitated the formation and development of the socialist economic system with Chinese characteristics.

"That is to say, the development of external trade is one of the main achievements made by the Reform and Opening. There will be no good situation of China's economy and society without the Reform and Opening or the open economy development," Jiang said.


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