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Gadhafi dies of severe wounds after capture

By Li Zhenyu (People's Daily Online)

21:53, October 20, 2011

A spokesman of Libya's National Transitional Council and the National Transitional military chief, Abdul Hakim Belhaj has both confirmed that Moammar Gadhafi has died because of severe wounds after being arrested in his hometown Sirte.

According to the overseas media report, Gadhafi was captured by the revolutionary forces in Sirte, with his legs being damaged. He then died because of severe injuries.


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PD User at 2011-10-21220.255.2.*
jhuni, of course the claim that he was " hiding in a sewer like a rat " is just a great lie to the world just like Saddam Hussein was caught. You ask why I said Saddam Hussein was NOT caught in a rat hole ? I saw all these propaganda on tv. But alot of people in this world believe 100% what they saw on tv. Alot of people does not question whether the video was true or not. Let me tell you what goes on behind the scenes. Yes, Saddame Hussein was caught but NOT in the rat hole. After he was caught, the US military gather cameras, spot light, etc and brought Saddam Hussein to a place for location shoot. He was asked to get inside a small hole and from there it is "ACTION" and the camera start rolling. It show the "brave" US soldiers storming into that dirty place and look into the hole where Saddam was forced to go there in the first place and the soldiers shouted " Come out with your hands up ! ". And there Saddam Hussein with film being caught in a rat hole ! You believe they are so good at finding Saddam Hussein in a rat hole but not able to find the huge weapon of mass destruction ?
jhuni at 2011-10-2172.234.110.*
At first I was skeptical of the Western media"s reports of Qadaffi"s death, but now there is overwhelming evidence of it available. Nonetheless, I am still skeptical of some of their other claims, such as their claim that he was "hiding in a sewer like a rat."
Canada at 2011-10-2170.36.49.*
NATO caused a humanitarian disaster in Libya. I’ve closely followed NATO’s war in Libya since the beginning. I have so much anger over Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Sarkosy, & Harper, and Western media complicity, in the blatant lies & hysteria used to justify the war, sitting in their ivory towers bombing Libya back to the Stoneage, cold blooded murderers, ruthless, callous disregard for the psychological terror, over 50,000 killed and 30,000 wounded, the misery and hardship they’ve caused the Libyan people, willful blindness to rebel atrocities. State sponsored terrorism, barbarism. Sociopath’s? Disgusting the way social democrats bought into the war knowing nothing about Libyan society. When the rebels invaded Tripoli accompanied by heavy NATO bombing, they chanted Allah Akbar. Hilliary Clinton was greeted at the Libyan airport yesterday with chants of Allah Akbar. The NTC leader said Libya will be based on Shariah law. Women’s rights will be pushed back decades. Al Qaida & Islamic militants have a new source of funding and weapons. Clinton said yesterday she welcomed a Free Libya. Free for Western corporations to exploit and reap enormous profits, free for Western leaders to dictate what happens in Libya, free for foreign military occupation, free to control Africa. Just as happened in Afghanistan when the Soviets were there, the U.S. armed, trained and financed the mujahedeen, when the Soviets left much of the left was murdered. We’ve all seen how that turned out. I hope I live to see the day when Western leaders are convicted of war crimes.
paul pawlowski at 2011-10-2193.97.161.*
Gaddafi dead Long Live Gaddafipaul pawlowski KeeperMuzeum Sczytaja281 days to Folower on 3 stones HOLOCAUST Altar on Frontage for ApolloLondon Holy Paean in Praise of Apollo
The Truth at 2011-10-20220.255.2.*
He make the greatest mistake of cooperating with the evil Western countries thinking that they will spare him by not invading Libya after the invasion of Iraq. He make the greatest mistake of compensating billion of Dollars for the crash of the Pan Am Lockerbie crash when he knew very well that the crash got nothing to do with Libya. He does not know how to cooperate with countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.With the collapse of his regime, it would be very difficult for Iran and North Korea to cooperate with the west in any sense. They will fight to the last man.It is the sad truth.

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