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Seychelles ruling party wins all the seats in parliamentary elections


12:16, October 03, 2011

The Seychelles ruling party, Lepep has won all the seats in the newly elected National Assembly, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Hendricks Gappy announced here on Sunday.

After he had declared the Lepep candidates winners in all of the country's 25 electoral districts, he revealed later that the other party taking part in those polls, Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) has not won enough votes to be entitled to any of the six proportional seats which all went to Lepep.

The leaders of both parties taking part in the elections, President James Michel for Lepep and David Pierre for PDM, expressed dissatisfaction with the way the proportional seats were attributed.

Michel was expecting more proportional seats for his party while Pierre was expecting to get at least one seat since PDM won 9.6 percent of the votes nation-wide.

The participation rate for the three-day elections which ended on Saturday was 74.3 percent, the lowest for any of the ten elections held since Seychelles returned to multi-party politics in November 1991.

Compared to the presidential elections held in May, turn-out dropped by 11 percent while the number of spoiled ballots was high.

The record low turn-out and big number of spoiled votes are attributable to the campaign spearheaded by the main opposition party, Seychelles National Party (SNP), to boycott the polls.

The National Assembly of Seychelles is elected through a hybrid electoral system with 25 seats elected from 25 districts and a certain number of seats allocated to participating parties in proportion to the vote they win in the polls.


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