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Tense calm prevails at Tunisian border


09:00, August 15, 2011

TUNIS, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- Border traffic at the Tunisian- Libyan border post of Ras El Jedir almost came to a standstill on Sunday as a result of the heavy fighting between Libyan rebels and pro-Gaddafi loyalists for the strategic Libyan town of Zaouia, the Tunisian official press agency TAP reported on Sunday.

Zaouia is located some 40 km from Libya's capital Tripoli and 130 km from Ras El Jedir. Its control by the rebels would be a major turning point in the fighting as it would enable them to control a vital life line for the Libyan regime.

Just a few vehicles crossed the border on Sunday, in comparison with the thousands of vehicles that usually cross the border point into Tunisia.

Quoting a "high level military source," TAP said the situation on Tunisia's borders with Libya is "calm." The same source said that fighting diminished in intensity on Sunday morning after rebels took control of most of the area in and around Zaouia.

"Either the rebels will advance towards Tripoli or they will seek to control Ras El Jedir, which will gradually stifle Gaddafi' s regime," TAP said quoting the source.

"Vigilance is of the essence and military reinforcements will be called in, if needed," it added.

On Sunday, Libyan government's spokesman Moussa Ibrahim warned NATO against bombing the Ras El Jedir border post with a view "to help the rebels enter Libya."

He also invited the Tunisian government "to make more efforts," not to transform the country into a "departure point for aggression against Libya."

Officially, Tunisian authorities have kept a neutral stance in the conflict, providing humanitarian assistance only to both factions.


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