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Terrorist acts escalate in central Syria: media


17:27, October 10, 2011

DAMASCUS, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- A Syrian newspaper said Monday there is a flare-up of armed terrorist acts in the central province of Homs, adding that terrorist groups are now intensively using rocket-propelled grenades to hit army checkpoints, shops and buildings.

Al-Watan newspaper said the residents of some quarters in Homs have appealed on specialized authorities to take immediate actions to salvage their city from a "sectarian war which those terrorist groups are working to wage."

The paper said two army officers were killed in an ambush on Sunday in Homs. Syria's third-largest city Homs has spearheaded rallies against President Bashar al-Assad since protests erupted on March 15.

In a related development, al-Watan said Bouthayna Shaaban, the media and political adviser of Assad, has embarked on an official visit to Malaysia as part of the Syrian government's efforts to " head to the East" following recent U.S.and EU sanctions on the country.


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