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Son of Syria's grand mufti dies of his wounds


12:12, October 03, 2011

Saryah Hassoun, the son of Syria's grand mufti Ahmed Hassoun, died late Sunday of his wounds just hours after being shot by armed terrorist groups along with a university professor in northern province of Aleppo.

Hassoun and Mohammad al-Omar, a history professor at Aleppo University, was shot on their way to the university.

Hassoun was wounded in the attack and was hospitalized before being announced dead, according to the official news agency SANA.

Terrorist groups have recently killed a number of prominent Syrian intellectuals, including a chest surgeon and an expert in nuclear engineering.

Khaled Aboud, a Syrian parliamentarian, told Xinhua by phone that Syria will witness more similar assassinations, blaming " foreign parties" for the killings. He urged the opposition to consider the "new phase ... because it's neither in the interest of the government nor the opposition."

Ahmed Hassoun, Syria's foremost Muslim leader, told al-Watan newspaper in an interview published Sunday that the crisis Syria is passing through has been actually ended, noting that pressures on the country are from outside.

Syria has been wracked by six-month-old unrest it blames on foreign conspiracy and foreign thugs.

Syrian president's political and media adviser Buthayna Shaaban recently put the number of army officers and law-enforcement troops killed since the eruption of protests in Syria in mid March at 800, while a recent UN tally put the number of civilians who were allegedly gunned down by security forces at 2,700.


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