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News Analysis: Would Turkish-Israeli differences serve the Palestinians?


09:39, September 06, 2011

GAZA, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Palestinian observers and analysts see the current differences between Israel and Turkey an opportunity for the Palestinian people and their just cause due to the significant role of Turkey in the region.

However, they disagreed over evaluating the advantages the Palestinians would harvest. One question is that whether Ankara would show clear and practical position, and the other is whether the current crisis between the two countries is just a summer cloud since they are two old allies.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced that Turkey would soon apply a complain to the Court of Hague against a United Nations-led report, which legalized Israel's blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip and against Israel's rejection to apologize for killing nine activists last year.

Turkey earlier this week decided to expel the Israeli ambassador from Ankara and suspended all military agreements signed with Israel. In addition, the decision to go to the Court of Hague was one of the unprecedented steps declared by Turkey in response to Israel.


Hani Habib, a Gaza-based political analyst told Xinhua that the recent Turkish decisions and measures it carried out against Israel were not a Turkish reaction to Israel's assault against the six Gaza-bound ships organized by the Turkish group IHH in an attempt to break Israel's naval blockade last year, but "were an indication to the deterioration of ties between them."

"For example, Turkey slammed Israel last December following an agreement signed between Israel and Cyprus (Turkey's rival) to start digging for natural gas in the Mediterranean," said Habib.

Apparently Israel will be very much influenced by the latest Turkish measures, mainly after Davutoglu's hint that Turkey would carry out all the needed measures to guarantee the safety of a free naval movement east of the Mediterranean, which might lead to confrontations with Israel.

However, Habib believes that severing the military ties between Ankara and Tel Aviv "would be negatively reflected on Turkey," adding that "while Turkey carrying out such negative measures against Israel, this would damage its ties with the United States, which stands to Israel's side."

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