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7 wounded in Israeli strikes over Gaza


08:57, August 22, 2011

GAZA, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- Israeli airplanes carried out two strikes in the Gaza Strip Sunday afternoon, wounding seven Palestinians, witnesses and medics said.

The seven were lightly or moderately wounded in the first strike when some F-16 airplanes hit a training site for Hamas in northern Gaza Strip. The airstrike caused damage to nearby houses, according to the witnesses.

The second attack was aimed at a training site in the southern city of Khan Younnis.

A Palestinian boy was seriously injured earlier Sunday in an Israeli attack that targeted a place in northern Gaza Strip from which the militants fired rockets.

The Popular Resistance Committees, a militant group that lost several members and its leader in the current wave of violence, claimed responsibility for firing two Grad rockets into Israel Sunday morning.

Israel Radio said nearly 100 rockets were fired from Gaza since Thursday. The Israeli attacks in Gaza killed at least 15 Palestinians, including five civilians.

The Israeli attacks mounted after Israel accused Palestinian militants of being behind Thursday's deadly attacks in the Red Sea resort of Eilat.


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