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Attack causes blackouts over Yemen as government blames opposition


13:20, August 17, 2011

SANAA, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- The opposition-backed armed tribesmen attacked the electricity poles in the restive province of Marib late on Monday, triggering a blackout in major parts of the country, including the capital, the state-run Saba news agency reported.

"The subversive attack took place in Jadan area of the Marib province, leaving the country's main power station standing idle and causing shortage in electricity supplies in Sanaa and other provinces," Saba quoted an official as saying.

The official blamed the attack on the opposition-backed tribesmen in Marib, which is the home to the country's most oil fields and power facilities, saying engineers are on their way to fix the damaged poles.

Yemen's electricity supplies have been damaged for several times by similar attacks since the eruption of the seven-month-old protests demanding the ousting of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.


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