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Israeli warplanes raid Gaza in retaliation


09:39, August 05, 2011

Israeli warplanes attacked the Gaza Strip Thursday evening and wounded a Palestinian, after a rocket landed in Israeli territory, witnesses and medical sources said.

An Israeli drone dropped a missile at a group of Palestinian militants shortly before artillery shells landed in the area, witnesses said, adding that the Palestinians were apparently trying to fire missiles into Israel.

One militant was slightly wounded by Israeli warplanes, according to the medical sources.

The Israeli raids came shortly after Palestinian militants fired a Russian-made Grad rocket from Gaza into southern Israel.

It is the third Grad rocket fired from Gaza over the past 24 hours, signaling possible escalation and retaliatory Israeli operations.

No Palestinian group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The Gaza Strip is controlled by Islamic Hamas movement which has been seeking to enforce a shaky ceasefire that has held since the end of Israel's major military operation in January 2009.


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