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Four Iraqis killed in attacks in Baghdad


09:37, August 05, 2011

Four people were shot dead and four others wounded in attacks in eastern and western Baghdad, an Interior Ministry source said on Thursday.

A policeman was killed on Thursday afternoon when gunmen using silenced weapons opened fire on him in al-Rubaie thoroughfare in Baghdad's eastern district of Zaiyouna, the source told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

In western Baghdad, a sticky bomb attached to a car went off in Ameriya district in the afternoon, killing the driver and wounding two passers-by, the source said.

Separately, two gunmen were killed and an Iraqi army officer and a soldier were wounded in a clash erupted late on Wednesday night during a raid on a suspected insurgent safe house in Baghdad western district of Ghazaliyah, the source added.

Sporadic attacks are still common in Iraqi cities despite the dramatic decrease of violence over the past few years.


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