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Ten drug dealers arrested in Austria


09:06, March 21, 2012

VIENNA, March 20 (Xinhua) -- Ten suspects accused of trafficking 24 kilos of cannabis were arrested in Austria, the State Criminal Police of Styria announced on Tuesday.

The suspects were owners of ornamental plant shops in several cities of Stryia, a state in southeast of Austria. These shops also sold cannabis plants openly.

The ten suspects are all residents of the state, aged from 20 to 60.

Investigators found that the hemp shops owners not only gave tips but also distributed folders to customers, informing them about how to plant cannabis at home.

Though sale of cannabis plants was generally permitted in Austria, it is clear that the purpose behind was the extraction and production of narcotic drugs, a police spokesman told the media.

In a series of house examinations involving about 90 policemen, a total of 24 kilograms of cannabis with a street value of 240,000 euros (about 317,500 U.S. dollars) were seized in their residences.


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