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Austrian politician criticize Czech nuclear expansion plans


15:26, September 17, 2011

VIENNA, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) -- The plans about the expansion of nuclear energy capabilities in the Czech Republic have casued strong protests in Austria, Austrian Press Agency (APA) said on Friday.

"Austria will make use of all the political and legal measures to protest the implementation of the nuclear expansion plans of the Czech Republic," Michael Spindelegger, Austrian Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister, said in a press release.

Referring to an earthquake and Tsunami-crippled nuclear plant in Japan, Environment Minister Niki Berlakovich said that "our neighbors have not learned anything from the terrible accident in Fukushima what has happened only six months ago. It should be our common goal to achieve a nuclear-free Europe and create a secure future for future generations."

Norbert Hofer, the spokesman for environment and energy of the Freedom Party of Austria, called on the federal government to immediately start negotiations with the Czech Republic over its nuclear policy.

A Czech draft plan released recently proposes to build a string of new atomic plants in the central European country, a move set to anger some anti-nuclear European countries including Austria.


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