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EU warship rescue hostage after stopping suspected pirate skiff


13:32, September 11, 2011

NAIROBI, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- An EU anti-piracy operation warship on Saturday stopped and boarded a suspected pirate skiff, which was believed to have been involved in an incident with a French yacht, with one member of the crew from the yacht found safe, said the EU naval force.

According to the statement released late Saturday by the European Union Naval Force (EU NAVFOR), the yacht, Tribal Kat, was located on Thursday, after the force received a distress call from the yacht located off the coast of Yemen.

However, at that time and following an inspection of the yacht, the crew could not be found.

"Today, SPS Galicia located and trailed the skiff, then forced the skiff to stop. One of crew members was released safely and all of the suspect criminals were detained. The whereabouts of the remaining crew is unknown," said the statement.

The EU anti-piracy taskforce confirmed that the skiff has subsequently sunk, however all persons were safely recovered by a boarding team from the Spanish warship.

The investigations, according to EU NAVFOR, will continue to determine the facts of the incidents, stressing that during the operation the hostage was not wounded or injured while all the suspect criminals were detained unharmed.

The pirates have intensified their action in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden and most hijackings end without casualties when a ransom has been paid, but often after several months of negotiations.

The Gulf of Aden, a body of water between Somalia and Yemen, is the main sea route between Europe and Asia. Tankers carrying Middle East oil through the Suez Canal must pass first through the Gulf of Aden.

Pirate gangs operating along Somalia's 3,100 km-long coastline have become increasingly audacious over the past two years, hijacking dozens of merchant ships and their crews to earn ransoms that can top 1 million U.S. dollars per ship.


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