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Czech ambassador to Albania found dead in residence


14:32, August 25, 2011

TIRANA, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- The 55-year-old Czech Ambassador to Albania, Marketa Fialkova, has been found dead at her residence in Tirana shortly after midnight on Wednesday, Albanian police said.

"The initial investigation took place and work to establish the cause is continuing in cooperation with the Legal Medicine Institute," police said in a statement.

Fialkova had been representing the Czech Republic in Albania for four years. Albanian Foreign Minister Edmond Haxhinasto called Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg to express his condolences.

Fialkova is the third ambassador to die in Albania in this decade, following the demise of U.S. Ambassador Joseph Limprecht during a trip in a lake district and French Ambassador Michel Menachemoff.

Fialkova started working as a diplomat in the 1990's, first posted to Poland. She also served as the personal secretary of the former President of the Czhech Republic Vaclav Havel. She was divorced and has no children.


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