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Giant Panda cub Fu Hu celebrates 1st birthday in Vienna

By By Liu Gang & Huang Guodong (Xinhua)

13:52, August 24, 2011

VIENNA, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Giant Panda cub Fu Hu Tuesday celebrated its first birthday in Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo with hundreds of visitors.

Some visitors have been waiting for him since early morning, worried that Fu Hu might stay at his air-conditioned house due to the hot weather outside.

To their joy, the young boy made his appearance at about 10:30 a.m. local time (0830 GMT) with accompany of his mother Yang Yang, and soon discovered the birthday gift prepared by zoo breeders.

The presents were several colored boxes, which were filled with giant panda's favorites, including carrots, sweet potatoes and honey dessert. After some careful observation, Fu Hu successfully opened the boxes and tasted them with relish.

All eyes were then focusing on him, together with cheers and cameras' beeping. Some children even climbed up to the necks of their parents to make sure they wouldn't miss the eating scene of the cute baby panda.

Margit Goepper's two children, who have stood on the one-meter-high sculpture besides the panda house for a long time, were particularly excited after the show of Fu Hu.

"We are having vocation in Vienna for a week, and we have already been here in the zoo. Germany also has many zoos, but we have never seen a baby panda. Giant panda is the favorite animal for my daughter Janika, therefore we have to come back again today," said Goepper, who is from Germany.

Fu Hu was born on August 23, 2010 in Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo, the second son of the living panda pair Long Hui and Yang Yang in the zoo.

Fu Hu is three years younger than his brother Fu Long. He weighed 100 grams and measured 10 centimeters when he was born, but now he has grown to 22 kilograms and measured more than 100 centimeters. Fu Hu and Fu Long were born after natural conception under artificial feeding in Europe.

Zoo breeder Eveline Dungle told reporters that Fu Hu has been in very good condition. Strong and curious, he has started to get interested in bamboos, though he still mainly drinks milk from her mother Yang Yang.

A Chinese choir from the Shanghai Fushan Foreign Language Primary School also came to the zoo and presented a birthday song for the baby panda to express their love to giant pandas.

Chairman of the Austria-China Association for Cultural Exchanges, Chang Kai, told reporters that the performance of a birthday song for Fu Hu was sponsored by the association and the Schoenbrunn Zoo, as a witness of the friendship between the two peoples.

The birthday party of the giant panda was also part of activities commemorating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Austria, Chang added.

Long Hui and Yang Yang were loaned to Austrian in 2003 and are expected remain there for about 10 years. According to a loan agreement, the baby panda Fu Hu is expected to return to China when he is two years old.


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