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Cars arsons outbreak in Berlin for 2nd night in a row


09:09, August 18, 2011

BERLIN, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- Arsonists set fire to a range of luxury cars on the street of Berlin deep into Tuesday night after the same attack broke out one day before, torching at least 15 various high-priced car, according to local police source.

The fire attack on street-side cars went off around 11 o'clock pm Tuesday from Berlin-Spandau, Charlottenburg and then spread to Friedrichshain, as the arson lunacy seemed to converge on Charlottenburg on Tuesday night and early Wednesday.

There were roughly 11 cars set alight on Monday night, and another 9 cars burnt last Wednesday, thus brought the total number of auto arson cases to 80 or so this year in official registration.

The motive and scheme behind the scene to the serial expensive car arsons remain under investigation. Police in Berlin now keep on high alarm to forestall the car arsons from spreading to possible massive wild riots, just as it happened in London.


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FLYmXHuONENfNwHKQ at 2012-03-11109.230.216.*
Thanks anon. the apology from that the croater of that nonsense Diane Fedele is even more pathetic that the cartoon itself. I cannot believe people are still using the "I-supported-a-black candidate-before-therefore-I-am-not- prejudiced" line. If you cannot apologize properly, then the second best option is just STFU, IMHO.

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