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Poland announces airforce reshuffles after plane crash report


14:01, August 05, 2011

Poland on Thursday disbanded a special airforce regiment responsible for carrying top officials and dismissed 14 high-ranking officials over investigation of last year's plane crash which killed its former president, local media reported.

The development came days after a special report published on Friday which attributed the plane crash on April 10, 2010, killing Poland's former President Lech Kaczynski, his wife and around 90 high officials, to poor training and lax discipline of the pilots.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said the 36th Special Air Transport Regiment which traditionally transports Poland's high officials would be dissolved.

Three generals and 10 other officers responsible for the training of pilots were also dismissed, in addition to the country's deputy defense minister Czeslaw Piatas, he said.

Piatas will be replaced by Czeslaw Mroczek, a MP from the parliamentary National Defense Committee.

Friday's report has already forced out former Defense Minister Bogdan Klich, who was replaced on Tuesday by Tomasz Siemoniak.

Siemoniak said he would officially seal the 36th Regiment's closure in coming days.


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