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NYC plans to build first solar, wind farm


08:10, March 21, 2012

NEW YORK, March 20 (Xinhua) -- New York City officials announced Tuesday that they were seeking proposals to build solar and wind power installations at the site of a closed landfill.

Covering 75 acres of land at the former Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, the solar and wind farm could accommodate large- scale installations to power about 6,000 homes and double the city 's current renewable energy capacity, according to the plan.

"Given that open space is at a premium in New York City, capped landfills offer unique potential for utility-scale solar and wind power," said NYC Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Carter Strickland. "During the hottest summer days, we can help reduce local air pollutants by cutting our reliance on more traditional power by driving the development of renewable energy sources."

The ultimate goal, he said, is to protect places that are important to New York's existing ocean industries while harnessing offshore renewable energy resources.

The city is currently seeking bids from private entity to design, construct, install and operate the solar and wind power facilities.


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