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Occupy Wall Street expands uptown, starting with Washington Square Park


15:53, October 09, 2011

NEW YORK, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Thousands of Occupy Wall Street protestors convened at the general assembly in Washington Square Park, New York City, on Saturday afternoon in an effort to expand the operation uptown.

"It's a great way to bring us to the next level," said Justine Tunney, one of the Occupy Wall Street organizers, "it is time to form a second general assembly in Manhattan."

Occupy Wall Street, a non-violent leaderless resistance movement fighting corporate greed and economic inequality, has grown significantly in numbers and cities since its inception on Sept. 17.

"We have tens of thousands of people professing support to their causes through various forms of social media and corresponding protests in over 70 cities," an organizer told Xinhua.

With the campaign of "We 99 percent will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1 percent," protestors of all ages, genders, colors, and political persuasions have been using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to peacefully advocate their causes and achieve their ends.

Wielding signs reading: "People, Not Profit," "Globalize the Resistance," "It's US: We the People," and "Intelligence is the Acknowledgement of Ignorance," protestors vigorously chanted slogans and expressed their anger and frustrations about -- mainly -- Wall Street bailouts and the banks reaping huge profits at the expense of middle class Americans' jobs.

A group of protestors in their 20s even fashioned an 8-foot (2.43-meter)Statue of Liberty out of clay and cloth. Others passed around an equally impressive and witty slogan: "Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash -- Now we have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash."

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