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U.S. ambassador vows to continue to meet Syrian protestors


14:14, August 08, 2011

The U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford said on Sunday that he will continue to meet with the country's protestors despite Syrian government's staunch opposition.

In an interview aired on ABC's "This Week" program, Ford said he did not "particularly care" if the Syrian government was angry because he has to show "solidarity" with the protestors.

Ford, who has headed back to Syria, was recently called back from the country to consult with U.S. officials on the situation there.

On July 11, he paid a controversial visit to the central Syrian city of Hama, which has been gripped by anti-government protests. The visit apparently triggered attacks by some Syrians on the U.S. embassy and the ambassador's residence in Damascus. Following the attacks, the U.S. has been building up pressure on Syrian government both in rhetoric and action.

"I'd do it again tomorrow if I had to. I'm going to keep moving around the country. I can't stop," Ford said in the interview.

He said that the U.S. is looking for ways to reach out to the Syrian protestors "through social media, through things like Facebook, and by going out and about in the country."

Ford reiterated the U.S. stance that Syrian President Bashar al- Assad has lost his legitimacy, saying he and his government "will be left in the past," as what U.S. President Barack Obama had said on July 31.

However, he said: "The Libyan situation is very different from what we have in Syria", when he was asked why the U.S. does not take military actions against Syria, as it did in Libya.

He said when he talked to protestors in Syria, they were very clear that "they did not want American military intervention."


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