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Eight shot dead in Ohio over family argument: report


14:09, August 08, 2011

Eight people were shot dead on Sunday in Copley Township, Ohio, U.S. over a family argument, local media reported.

Copley Township police chief Michael Mier said that one person shot five people to death and then two more were killed nearby before police killed the shooter, local WKYC-TV reported.

A total of eight were killed in the shooting, including an 11- year-old. One person was injured and transported to an area hospital, whose condition is unknown at this point.

Mier said police received the first 911 call at around 11 a.m. Sunday, and responded to the scene. When they arrived, the gunman had fled. Police located him after a short search, and the suspect opened fire on the police but was shot to death during the gun battle.

The incident started over a family argument but it's not clear what led to the argument, according to the report. It's also unknown the relationship between the suspect and the victims. None of the victims or the suspect have been identified yet.

Copley is located in the west of the city of Akron, about 40 miles south of Cleveland. It has a population of about 14,000.


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