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Demonstrators in Kabul call for bringing war criminals to justice


16:43, December 10, 2011

KABUL, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- Some 100 people including women staged a peaceful demonstration in Kabul on Saturday and demanded justice for those who committed crimes against humanity in Afghanistan over the past three decades of conflicts.

Bearing the banners and placards inscribed with"War criminals should be brought to justice", "War criminals should be ousted from government posts"and"U.S., NATO stop war crimes", the demonstrators gathered in Kabul downtown and after delivering speeches and slogans dispersed peacefully.

Saturday's demonstration held in Kabul, mostly by the families of war victims to mark the Universal Human Rights Day, demanding the punishment of those responsible for committing crimes against humanity over the past three decades of conflicts and civil strife in the war-torn country.

Afghanistan has tremendously suffered over the past three decades of war and civil strife. Several former commanders who were involved in the past 30 years of war and have been accused of abusing human rights are currently legislators and government functionaries in the present Afghan administration.

Organized by a non-governmental agency called"Social Association of Afghan Justice Seekers" the protesters said:"peace in Afghanistan without justice is useless," adding that all those committed crimes against humanity over the past three decades must be brought to justice and be punished.

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