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Occupy Melbourne protesters match peacefully in Australia


15:09, October 29, 2011

MELBOURNE, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- More than 1000 Occupy Melbourne protesters on Saturday marched on the Treasury Gardens in Melbourne of Australia.

The protesters matched peacefully with a colorful array of signs of banners writing "we are the 99 percent", in a move to express their views against corporate greed.

More than 100 police are on site but said they are not there to evict anyone from the city park.

"The police role beings and ends with ensuring the safety of council officers discharging their lawful duties," a police spokesman told reporters in Melbourne on Saturday. "So as long as they are able to discharge their lawful duty free of any intimidation or harassment that should go off without a hitch."

Occupy Melbourne organizers are expected to hold a meeting soon to decide whether to set up camp on the site to extend their protest.

But police warned the group their tents will be dismantled and fines issued if they camp in Treasury Gardens on Saturday night.

Also in Perth, dozens of Occupy Perth protesters spent Friday night in city street near the location of Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Last Friday, police forcibly removed Occupy Melbourne protesters from their City Square camp where they had been camping for a week. As a result of their crash with police, almost 100 protesters have been arrested, more than 20 had minor injuries and one was taken to hospital.

The protest actions are part of the global movement that sprang from New York City's Occupy Wall Street protest against corporate greed.


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